"Guitars-Shop" for Students of "Guitar Lessons Maidstone".

Telecaster Style guitar for sales - Price £125.00.

This is a really good copy of an original Telecaster guitar. I set the action up and it is very low so very easy to play, especially for a beginner.

I have now put brass saddles on, instead of chrome, which keeps the guitar perfectly in tune. This guitar is perfect for all levels of players from beginner to professional.

Any adjustments that you would like are included in the price. Thanks, John.

Telecaster style electric guitar for sale for students of "Guitar Lessons Maidstone". Includes brass saddle and super low action for easy playing. This guitar is perfect for a beginner or professional player.
This is the front of the crafter electro/acoutic guitar with the " Bird's eye maple " finish. It can be played acoustically or through an amplifier.
This is the back of the Crafter electro/acoustic guitar with the Zebra wood finish. It really looks great and sounds great played both acousticaly or through an amplifier.

Crafter electro / acoustic guitar for sales - Price £225.00..

If you are a "Guitar Lessons Maidstone" student I am selling this beautiful Crafter acoustic/electro guitar for the special price of 225.00.


The finish on the guitar is "Bird's Eye 
Maple" and this is no longer made. This is an extremely rare finish on a guitar because the wood is so expensive and rare. You will often see this kind of wood used on high-end speakers.


The action on this guitar is very low and I set this guitar up myself. It is very easy to play and playing chords or the lead right up to the end of the neck is very easy.


All the inlays including the name on the headstock are made of "mother of pearl" so the guitar looks very good quality.


The back and side of the guitar is made of Zebra wood and is very striking in appearance and also very rare.

The guitar is in perfect condition and sounds great. If you are interested just ask to try it out in your next lesson. Thanks, John.

Ashton battery amp for sale - Price £75.00.

This is an Ashton 15watt 8inch guitar amp which can be played both from the mains or via battery. It is perfect to play at home or go busking with. The Ashton has two channels and thus you can plug your guitar and a backing track input into the amp. Features include overdrive, a graphic equalizer and tone control for the backing tracks. The amplifier is tilted backwards so even when it is on the floor it still sounds great. 

Ashton 15 watt battery amplifier. Perfect for playing your guitar at home or busking.
Beautiful looking stratocaster electric guitar for sales for students of "Guitar Lessons Music". Maple neck and red body, the origonal colours of the stratocaster.
Beautiful retro style Stratocaster copy for sale - Price £145.00.

Retro style Stratocaster copy. A beautifully aged colour scheme with a highly lacquered maple neck which gives it that authentic late 1950s look. The Action on this guitar was set up by me and is super low and thus very easy to play.

Internation is spot on and I can adjust the pick-up heights to your particular taste.

The guitar is suitable for any level of player.

Cordoba Spanish guitar for sale - Price £195.00.

Beautiful Cordoba Spanish acoustic electro guitar. In very good condition and hardly used. The advanced Fischman pick-up system is used including inbuilt tuner, volume, phase treble and bass. The action is very low and was set up by a professional luthier. This guitar is extremely easy to play as it is from the thin line series. The Model name is  C5-CET.


Price for students of "Guitar Lessons Maidstone" is £195.00

Cordoba C5-CET spanish guitar including world renowned Fischma C5-CET pick ups. The guitar is vey easy to play as it has a very low action and is very slim.
This is a gold Telecaster styled re-issue guitar with all gold plated accesories.
Gold plated Telecaster copy for sale - Price £195.00.

This is definitely not one to be missed. It is a beautifully customised re-issue Telecaster copy that is bound to stop anybody when you are playing it. All the gold accessories were bought and fitted by myself and the scratchplate was especially spray painted to make it fit in with the colour scheme of the guitar.

It has a great sound and has a very low action. The aged varnish neck with a skunk line running down the back really finishes the guitar off perfectly. This truly is a one of a kind guitar so Call now.


Price for students of "Guitar Lessons Maidstone" is £195.00

December special offer. 5 guitar lessons for the price of 4.
December special.
5 guitar lessons for the price of 4.
The amazing Glass guitar - Price £1,995.

This is quite simply one of the most unique guitars in the world! Made entirely out of plexiglass I made the pickup surround guards, the backplates and the nut. The volume controls were changed as well as the tone knobs. The guitar has a very mellow sound and features the tree of life running the entire length of the neck. You will not find another guitar like this anywhere.

The unique Glass guitar.
New year's offer. Buy 9 guitar lessons and get one free.
New Year's Special.
Buy 9 guitar lessons and get one free.

Why not get 2020 off to a fantastic start buy having some guitar lessons.

For the next two weeks if you buy 9 guitar lessons you will get an extra one free. That means you will only pay £8.95 for every 35 minutes 1-to-1  private class. Simply contact me anytime for further details.