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As I mentioned earlier I have been teaching the guitar for nearly 20 years and in that time I have literally taught every kind of student you can imagine. It's been great fun and I have enjoyed it a lot so on this page I thought I would show you a few testimonials and photographs of some of the students who have had guitar lessons with me. 

When Fraser first came for guitar lessons he was a beginner, but it was clear from the start that he had the determination and the ability to learn really quickly. He soon started to buy different kinds of guitars and experiment with the different sounds that he could get. He's finally finished up playing a lovely Fender acoustic and has developed and great singing voice. He now regularly goes to open Mic nights and plays in pubs. He's even been asked to perform at weddings.

Fraser's testimonial about having guitar lessons with me.

Anthony is a fantastic young guitarist. He has been coming for lessons with me for about 5 months now and has made really great progress. He is very enthusiastic and is very keen to learn. Here's what he's got to say about coming to lessons at "Guitar Lessons Maidstone".

This is Anthony talking about his guitar lessons with me in Maidstone.

When Gavin first came he had been learning the Ukelele in a group. But he wanted to try the guitar and again made some really fast progress. He is now on his third different model and has finally found the one he likes. Getting the right guitar is really critical to making progress. If you get the right shape and look that you've always wanted you will naturally pick the guitar up and start to play it. 

Gavin's testimonial about having guitar lessons here with me in Maidstone.

As you can see in Gavin's Testimonial I have a really large collection of guitars in the studio. So if you are coming straight from work or school you don't even have to bring your own guitar. Just pick up the guitar of your choice and simply start playing. To see a video of the studio simply click here and look for "Where do I give lessons ?"

This is Yinka talking about his experiences learning the bass guitar at " Guitar Lessons Maidstoned ".

Yinka initially came with an electric guitar, but really wanted to play the bass. After a few lessons, he bought his bass along to be set up and has never looked back. He can now play the bass to some of his favourite songs and picks up the bass line really quickly. 

James has been coming for lessons for well over a year now and at the beginning he was a complete beginner. However he has made really great progress and can now play along to most songs very well. We even play some duets together which is great fun for both of us.

James talking about having guitar lessons with me here in Maidstone.

Gary has been bringing his daughter for guitar lessons for about 2 months now. She is only 9 so Gary has done the talking. Megan has made some real progress since she came so I am super happy for her.

Megan's dad Gary talking about her weekly guitar lessons here in Maidstone.

Anthony and myself played in Maidstone and it was the first time that he had actually played in front of a live audience. We played 3 songs and can you believe it he got more than £20.00 and one person gave him a £10.00 note. I was really proud of him. Well Done Anthony !!!!!!